How to attract investors with an IP Strategy

All companies, large or small, develop intellectual property (IP). For the small ones IP is one of the most important and valuable assets of a new and growing business. Understanding how to protect IP, and how it can be used to attract investment capital, allows entrepreneurs to make the right decisions at the right time.…


Five reasons to work at We Love Digital Unirii hub

First of all, you’re probably wondering why would you get creative in a coworking space and not at home. The answer is simple: at home you’re being distracted by so many small tasks that you’re spending the entire day, until night comes, in front of the computer with decreased productivity… right? Moreover, wearing the pijamas…


Santa is already in the HUB!

Looks like we were pretty good this year, because Santa brought us some nice, modern and very good looking furniture for the HUB. The place looks amazing, so cosy and warm, and we are just waiting for the coworkers with some Christmas carols. In between holidays life is intense here at WeLoveDigital Unirii: we are…


Hello, World!

Our coworking and events space opens the gates soon in a joyfull expectation to meet your business needs. WeLoveDigital Unirii is perfectly situated in an excellent, central area downtown Bucharest, at walking distance to Piata Unirii. Stay tuned and find out first interesting infos about the great opening!