Five reasons to work at We Love Digital Unirii hub


First of all, you’re probably wondering why would you get creative in a coworking space and not at home. The answer is simple: at home you’re being distracted by so many small tasks that you’re spending the entire day, until night comes, in front of the computer with decreased productivity… right? Moreover, wearing the pijamas seems cozy one, two, even three days in a week, but 24/7… you’ll be investing in pijamas more than in promoting your own business. Not to mention the networking… as we’ve already covered this “food supplement necessary for any business”.

Why would you spend a monthly fee to work some place else?

1. Because you’re already doing this in crowded coffee shops, with background noise, where one cappuccino / day (10 lei) and one still water (8 lei) makes you spend 360 lei / month for 20 working days. And we’ve only mentioned the base package for a coffee shop office…

2. Because your potential client will say: “I’ve worked before with such kind of freelancers / start-ups and they’ve never delivered the project on-time. Moreover, we’re meeting again in a coffee shop, discussing matters more or less confidential surrounded by all kinds of people…”

3. As the founder of your own business, you might often think that you’re alone against others or most of your “corporate” friends don’t understand why you’ve left the comfort to go through all this efforts. In a coworking space you’ll meet other entrepreneurs, dreamers, creative minds, loving every zone in the world apart from the comfort zone. Like-minded people work great together! We’re inviting you to try our hub for at least one month and you’ll surely see positive changes… Trust us!

4. Because our motto is “Healthy business in a healthy body” – you’ll find out why after you’ll get to know us better.

5. Because… cars. If you’re driving to reach us, you’ll easily find a parking space. If you take the subway, the station (Piata Unirii) is just two steps away!


Because we encourage you to have, in time, your own office with a view to the park. We’ll help you get it by providing the right network, personal and professional development events, trained consultants and free quality time (enjoying a good coffee or tea – green, black, white, red – a wine or the event you’d like to create in order to attract your own clients and business partners).

Here, at We Love Digital Unirii, an office is measured not in meters, but in network, creativity and smart lifestyle…

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